Facials and Skin Care

  • 30 Minute Basic Facial         $35
  • 60 Minute Basic Facial         $65
  • Acne Clearing Facial             $75
  • Age Smart Facial                   $75
  • Sensitive Skin Facial              $75
  • Micro-current Upgrade         $20
  • Couples Facial                       $140
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We offer a variety of facials at Relaxing On The Go in Sumter, that consist of exfoliation, extractions, masks, creams, and peels.  We also provide facials that are geared towards acne prone, sensitive, also mature skin. Duration ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Waxing Services

  • Brazilian Wax First Time     $65
  • Brazilian  Maintenance        $47
  • Bikini Wax                           $35
  • Eyebrow Sculpting               $18
  • Eyebrow Maintenance         $15
  • Eyebrow Tint                       $25
  • 3 Part Face Wax                   $35
  • Upper Lip                            $12
  • Underarm Wax                    $20
  • Full Leg Wax                        $55
  • Half Leg Wax                       $35
  • Full Arm Wax                       $40
  • Half Arm Wax                      $30
  • Chest Wax                            $45
  • Back Wax                             $40
  • Ear Waxing                           $16
  • Nostril Waxing                     $12

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal from various parts of the body. Hair regrowth will become noticeable within 2 weeks after waxing.  Recommended time for face waxing is every 2 to 3 weeks and for body waxing every 4 weeks. Book your appointment today with us at Relaxing On The Go in Sumter.


Lashes Extensions 

  • Lash Cluster Tabs            $25
  • Lash Extensions               $150
  • Lash Light Touch up       $50
  • Lash Touch Up                $70
  • Lash Full Touch Up         $90
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Lash Extensions and Lash Cluster Tabs are added to natural lashes to increase fullness while enhancing your look. Lash Extensions are individual lashes attached to each natural lash to create a very natural but full look. Lash Cluster Tabs are a cluster of lashes added to your eye line they are more natural looking then the lash strips but not as natural as the eyelash extensions. For more questions or info contact us or visit us at Relaxing On The Go Spa located at 644 Bultman Dr, Sumter SC.


Nail Services

  • Basic Manicure No Polish       $15
  • Basic Manicure                         $20
  • Gel Manicure                            $30
  • French Manicure                      $25
  • Gel Pedicure                              $38
  • Basic Manicure and Pedicure  $48
  • Basic Pedicure                           $28
  • Pedicure No Polish                    $23
  • Gel Manicure and Pedicure      $73
  • Dip Powder Natural Nails        $40
  • Dip Powder w/ Tips                  $45
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We offer basic manicure and pedicure service. Additionally, we specialize in gel, acrylic, and natural nail care. 


Custom Massage

  • 30 Minute Custom Massage   $35
  • 60 Minute Custom Massage   $65
  • 90 Minute Custom Massage   $90
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This is a basic massage, also known as Swedish Massage but with the option of deep tissue in specific area that may need more attention. Swedish Massage is a light relaxing massage that consists of manual manipulation of soft tissues to help with stress. This would be the massage of choice if relaxation and to help with stress is your primary goal.


Deep Tissue Massage

  • 30 Minute Deep Tissue Massage     $45
  • 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage     $75
  • 90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage     $115

This is similar to Swedish Massage, but with deeper pressure and beneficial in releasing muscle tension. The deep tissue massage would be the massage of choice if pain relief or muscle relaxation is your goal.


Sports / Training Massage

  • Sports Massage   $75

The Sports Massage is designed to stretch the muscles, as well as, deep tissue massage of soft tissues. This will benefit overall quality of movement to help recovery and enhance performance of athletes to prepare and prevent injuries and restore muscles to a healthy state.  Sports Massages are perfect if you're on any fitness regiment and would like muscles to recover faster.


Other Relaxing Massage Services

  • 60 Minute Hot Stone Massage   $85
  • 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage    $110
  • 60 Minute Prenatal Massage        $65
  • 30 Minute Reflexology                 $35
  • 30 Minute Lymphatic                     $45
  • 60 Minute Lymphatic                    $75

Ms Ann is here today offering a few tip for people considering getting a prenatal massage. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us here at Relaxing On The Go!

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